Join A.R.E.S.


Thank you for your interest in A.R.E.S.

The A.R.R.L. allows all licensed amateur radio operators to be automatically included in A.R.E.S. but they do like to know what rescources are available in a particular area. On the local leval A.R.E.S is administered by a local team including the A.R.E.S Emergency Coordinator.

A.R.E.S. is involved in all areas of emergency and disaster communications.

If you are a licensed amateur radio operator and you live in the county of Kaufman in Texas we would really be happy to have you come on board as one of our team. Please fill out one of the forms below and get it back to me so we can get you on the roster.

Richard Bailey KB5JBV

Emergency Coordinator Kaufman County A.R.E.S.


Kaufman County A.R.E.S. Registration form in PDF format fsd98.pdf

Kaufman County A.R.E.S. Registration form in DOC format fsd98.doc