Hello Folks,
First I would like to say good job to everyone that showed up for the event on April 3. I would also like to thank Mesquite Emcomm for the assistance during tis event. We have identified some issues that need to be addressed this is the first and we will address others as time permits.

The event of April 3 crossed the county line so we had not only our group but Mesquite RACES / ARES involved. The repeater we are using is also one of Mesquite’s backup machine so they may and did during this event need to use the 147.040 machine due to issues on their main machine. It is my hope that we did not interfere with there operation while conducting our own.

So, until further notice. During an event that crosses county lines from Dallas County Net controls are instructed to defer to the net control for Mesquite and standby as a backup net control taking back control of the frequency when Mesquite goes back to there primary frequency. This is not a condemnation of my Net Controls but a matter of experience and training. I have had the honor of being a net control with Mesquite and I know those guys are top notch. In time we will be there but for now we have a little ways to go.

There will be more information coming out over the next few days. Thank you all for being there.

“Improvidus Apto Victum”

Richard Bailey KB5JBV
Emergency Coordinator
Kaufman County A.R.E.S.

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