Author: kb5jbv

RFC Show Notes Episode 004

00:00 Opening Theme   00:34 Introduction We're still searching for a logo. If you have some artistic talent, send your ideas for a Resonant Frequency logo. 02:55 Interview Richard talks with Gary, AB5RM, a member of the Lone Star DX Association about basic DXing. 03:44

RFC Show Notes Episode 003

00:00 Opening Theme   00:44 Introduction We're #5 on Podcast Alley, and #7 on iTunes, and climbing. Thanks for listening! Resonant Frequency is looking for a logo. If you have some ability with a graphics program, design a logo and send it along in an email. 03:13 Interview

RFC Show Notes Episode 002

00:00 Opening Theme   00:30 Introduction We are now on iTunes! Also on podnova, Pageflakes, Podcast Alley, Odeo, and FeedBurner feeds. Send your feedback, comments, suggestions, guest ideas, etc., to Richard at 04:34

RFC Show Notes Episode 001

00:00 Introduction A little bit about your host, Richard, KB5JBV. 02:30 News ARRL committee to formally study background checks for amateur radio volunteer communicators. 04:30   From the ARES letter, Jim Shepherd, N7WVZ, writes about more training for communicators. 06:17