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Resonant Frequency Classic #045: Failed plans make for more feedback.

This Itunes feed is still down. Here is episode 45 of Resonant Frequency. We’re back in the studio for this episode. this is another all feedback episode I had planned some thing different but it didn’t work out. Music is provided courtesy of IODA Promonet: Magic Slim and the Teardrops “Do You Mean It” (mp3)…

Resonant Frequency Classic #044: This is the club to be in.

We are still having trouble with the Itunes feed go to for older episodes. Here you go episode 44. We try to answer an email question concerning getting more folks into a local club. enjoy Music by John Williams and 500 miles to Memphis

Resonant Frequency Classic #043: Repurpose that Field Day.

Another Mobile Episode, this time a couple of alternate uses for field day.

Resonant Frequency Classic #042: Return of the Feedback Feedbag

The much anticipated and long awaited episode 42 of Resonant Frequency has arrived. This time we had so much feedback that is all we had time for but there is some good stuff in there. give it a listen. Our music is provided by IODA Promonet: Magic Slim and the Teardrops “Do You Mean It”…