Resonant Frequency Classic #014: I’m told you have a long wire!

Read a couple of emails with some really good information and a
couple of tips on bnc connectors and a couple of other things.

Talked for a
few minutes about Icoms D-Star digital system. If you would like to
contact me via D-Star the local repeater here is NT5RN and the port I
monitor is port C.

Thanked listeners for donations they made since the
last episode.

We are still looking for assistance with the behind the
scenes operations here at Resonant Frequency. If you would like to help
out with research and other areas at Resonant Frequency contact me at

I would like to start a forum for Resonant Frequency
and I will need some help with that.

Don W9VE hasn’t sent anymore
installments of Buzzword so I thought I would give it a try. This weeks
episode of “The segment formerly known as buzzword” is about baluns.In
the main segment I talked a little more about dipole antennas and talked
about fan dipoles and random length long wires.

This weeks music

Giving it all away Midlifecrisis
Steam Train John Williams
Sweet Melissa Chris Juergensen
Gotta Go David Henderson

Contact info for Resonant

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