Resonant Frequency Episode 54 Show Notes

Intro: We’re back and here is the stuff Donations and the impotence of donations

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  • First Complaint about the music so we know we are back on the air. If folks are complaining about the music we know folks are listening to us.
  • We are still looking for someone to help out with show notes.
  • Still looking for a few willing YL’s to help with some voice over stuff on the show. Don’t be scared. Its just talking on the radio. You don’t need any special equipment to help. Send me an email at and I will help you get started.

Segment 1

  • We talk about SWR (Standing Wave Ratio)





Segment 2

Lee DeForest the self proclaimed Father of modern radio.


    • Developed the Audion or Triode Vacuum
    • 180 patents to his credit
    • The DeForest Valve ( Audion ) invented in 1906
    • Self proclaimed “Father of Modern Radio”
    • Founding member of Institute of Radio Engineers
    • Dr. Herman DeVry named his School “The Deforest Training School” today we know it as “DeVry University”
    • Invented one of the Technologies that brought sound to motion pictures
    • The Audion dominated electronics for over 40 years
    • Jammed Marconi’s broadcast at a yacht race
    • Involved in many patent disputes
    • indicted for mail fraud



  • Working to get some of the show segments to make the stand alone with no music.



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