Aug 01 2014

Resonant Frequency Show Notes Episode 053




We’re back and here is the stuff

Donations and the impotence of donations

  • Donations
    • William Hyatt
    • Bruce Given VE2GZI
    • Bill McGinnis KJ4KNI (Second all time highest single donation)
  • You can make donations via credit card, check or bank draft an kb5jbv@gmail.com at Paypal.com
  • You can also help the show by using our Amazon.com links on the website for your online purchases. They credit us 4% of the total sale and that helps us get hardware and other things we need for the show. Go to the website at http://rfpodcast.info/Podcast and click on one of the Amazon adds.

Wow, to my surprise the Hams have abandoned VHF and UHF here in DFW since I have been gone.


Thanks to the dumb as a rock Hams on the only repeater that have activity.


Format changes.


Thanks for all the well wishes via feedback

  • Feedback
    • Shane Ball KD7JWC
    • William K5WCF
    • Bill KE5BGU
    • David W5DMW

Still need help with show notes


Need YL’s to help with some voice over stuff on the show. Don’t be scared. Its just talking on the radio.


 Segment 1

  • We talk about Clinton B. Desoto and 200 meters and down
    • Available at Amazon.com



Segment 2


Reviewing the Baofeng UV5R V2

  • We purchased our Radio on Ebay.com
  • The Baofeng radios are also available at Amazon. com (we prefer you do this one so the show gets a little credit)
  • We found a lot of useful information and help at Miklor.com
  • The best programming software for the job was Chirp by Dan KK7DS






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