Resonant Frequency Show Notes Episode 053




We’re back and here is the stuff

Donations and the impotence of donations

  • Donations
    • William Hyatt
    • Bruce Given VE2GZI
    • Bill McGinnis KJ4KNI (Second all time highest single donation)
  • You can make donations via credit card, check or bank draft an at
  • You can also help the show by using our links on the website for your online purchases. They credit us 4% of the total sale and that helps us get hardware and other things we need for the show. Go to the website at and click on one of the Amazon adds.

Wow, to my surprise the Hams have abandoned VHF and UHF here in DFW since I have been gone.


Thanks to the dumb as a rock Hams on the only repeater that have activity.


Format changes.


Thanks for all the well wishes via feedback

  • Feedback
    • Shane Ball KD7JWC
    • William K5WCF
    • Bill KE5BGU
    • David W5DMW

Still need help with show notes


Need YL’s to help with some voice over stuff on the show. Don’t be scared. Its just talking on the radio.


 Segment 1

  • We talk about Clinton B. Desoto and 200 meters and down
    • Available at



Segment 2


Reviewing the Baofeng UV5R V2

  • We purchased our Radio on
  • The Baofeng radios are also available at Amazon. com (we prefer you do this one so the show gets a little credit)
  • We found a lot of useful information and help at
  • The best programming software for the job was Chirp by Dan KK7DS






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