Resonant Frequency Episode 053 Banging with the Baofeng and an old Desoto

old-desoto-scott-norrisWell folks here is is the product of out labors. I hope you feel it was worth waiting for. I would to love to hear your input on this episode. Go forth and spread the good news that Resonant Frequency: The amateur radio podcast is back and we look forward to many more episodes with our listeners. The friends of Resonant Frequency.





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Richard KB5JBV




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  1. Scott - Reply


    The image above is one of my photographs and it is copyrighted. Please add attribution “Photo by Scott Norris Photography” with a link to the original image here: (website address deleted). Otherwise I ask you to remove the photo. Thanks.

    Scott Norris

    • kb5jbv - Reply

      OK Scott. We have replaced the photo with one owned by Fiat Chrysler America since you are a total douchhebag and do not realize that this is a non commercial website. P. S. when there is severe weather or disaster communications needed in your area we are the ones looking out after your sorry but. Have a lovely day and you are cordially invited to have a giant Texas sized slice of kiss my ass.

  2. Shane - Reply

    Great to hear you on the intertoobs again Richard. I dropped what i could afford, hope it helps. I liked the history lesson and also enjoyed the review of the uv-5r, i just ordered the gt3 mrk ii and the programming cable so i hope to hand back this loaner wouxon and get back on the air with my own rig. Sorry I didnt notice the amazon link earlier but from now on will make use of it. Take care and 73

  3. William - Reply

    Glad to have RF podcast back on the air. Enjoyed the quick history lesson included in this episode, like the choice of filler music as well. Looking forward to the next episode already.

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