When Club Leadership Fails

I had it brought to my attention recently that one of the local clubs is on the verge of disbanding due to lack of activity due to lack of interest by their leadership in the club and amateur radio as a whole. The club leaders chant the old mantra “I have done so much for this club it’s time for somebody else to do it.” They expect the club members to call them, email them and otherwise communicate their needs to them. This crap. If the leaders of a club are diligently working in the best interest of their the clubs members they put themselves in a position to feel the the pulse of their members. To know what activities and programs are wanted and needed by the membership as a whole not just a few members. The officers of a club should not reside on their lazy back sides while the organization languishes and atrophy. Wasting away while the cancer of self-importance and tyranny run rampant over their membership. 


The leadership of a club should be “active and vibrant” in the words of an operator I once knew. They should be pro-active not not reactive to the needs of the club membership. The leadership of a club should be interested enough in the club to move it forward instead of letting it sit idle on the shelf like that old piece of equipment the haven’t used in years. The leadership should promote activity and commendatory in their organization. Not complain about the fact that the members don’t do enough. A club should be membership driven but they trust to have the enthusiasm to steer the club in a positive direction. If you can’t find a way to do that RESIGN!!! and let somebody that cares give it a try.


All club repeaters should be alive with activity. The meetings should be inviting to all not just club members. They should never be sequestered in some obscure and difficult to location in the back regions of a town or city. Club activities should should be in a public place out in the open so non hams can come by and ask questions. that is one of the ways we propagate the hobby.


Club members, if the leadership of your club is not in touch with your needs tell them. Snow them under with emails, phone calls, post in your club forums, at meetings, on the repeater, when you see them grocery shopping every minute of every day until they listen. If this approach doesn’t work then get rid of them. If this is not possible start a new club and let the carcass of the old organization rot.


The opportunity to lead is a privilege not a right. The members of your club are not responsible to you. You are responsible to them and if you have done all you feel you need to do and are not going to do anymore resign and get out of the way so someone that cares can take the wheel and guide the organization to success and prosperity.

‘Cuz you ain’t cuttin’ the mustard STUPID!!!!!


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  1. James - Reply

    I’m not in a …. .- — club, but the words apply to other hobby clubs when a president thinks they are the boss and treats his officers, BOD, and members as if they are employees and not servant members.

    It’s really servant leadership anyway.

  2. William - Reply

    Well said. I do not know the circumstances that brought about this article, but which ever club this is about needs to understand, sometimes you have to do with what you have to make something work. I am currently the President of a small club that’s membership consist of a lot of older hams. The “younger” members ( 30’s to 40’s) are obviously more active when it comes to events.(contesting, field day, special events ect..). however the older hams are still supportive and do take part in any way they can in our activities and meetings. Those who don’t are still welcome and are not looked at as not pulling their weight. Remember this is a hobby and as such no one has any real responsibility to put it above anything else.

    Just my opinion,

    K5WCF William

    • kb5jbv - Reply

      This club is important to me being a past president. I saw the issues coming a couple of years ago but no one would listen. I hope the membership develops the backbone to take their club back or disband it and start a new one. It is their club not the club leadership. Leadership is not a right and if you don’t feel the desire to do the work you need to step out of the way.

      Thanks for your input.

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