Resonant Frequency Relaunch Promo Version 2


This is our relaunch promo version 2. I am trying to get the various feeds to pick it up plus it will be easier to download for those that want to share it around or add it to their shows or websites. we are hoping for a successful relaunch of Resonant Frequency and appreciate your help in making it happen. The promo is a little strange but Resonant Frequency is a bit of a strange animal too



Richard KB5JBV
Host of Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast

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  1. kb5jbv - Reply

    The point here is if you don’t like the show don’t listen to the show. If you don’t like the website don’t go to the website. we were the most popular non commercial amateur radio podcast at the time that we decided to suspend operation. We spawned most of the other shows you listen to now. Ask Jerry or Rich or Russ etc. This is my domain and I will do what I think is best here. I don’t come to your website and tell you not to take pictures of women wearing gauze that really need lipo.

    Thanks for your input
    Richard KB5JBV

  2. Leah - Reply

    I’m sorry. I’m a new YL ham and I’m trying to figure out what ladies in their underwear have to do with all of the great information about radio you share.

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