Resonant Frequency Episode 53 Under Construction

Working in the Studio

Working in the Studio

Here is a little update for you all. Resonant frequency Episode 53 is currently under construction. I plan to try and have the main segments recorded today so I can start editing them over the next week. I think we have found the right music for this edition. If things go as planned we should be ready for relaunch in August.

I am very thankful that we have received a couple of very impressive donations that have allowed us to acquire a few new items to get back in production again. I would like to remind everybody that we are donation driven at this time so you can go to and make a donation via PayPal or if you are not able to do that please remember us if you are shopping online and go to the website. There you can find a link to where you can click thru and shop. everything you purchase this way helps the show.

We are also still needing someone interested in doing the show notes for each episode. Bill our former show notes editor is currently on hiatus so we need someone to fill his slot. As you all know I am horrible at show notes. We are are also looking for articles about amateur radio written by you or audio segments that we can add to our show. You can send those to and we will get them on the website or into the show.

Lastly we need you to spread the word. It has been a hard couple of years around here and I am extremely happy that we are going back into production. It is my hope that we can produce the same quality show we did in the past. So spread the love. Retweet us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, talk about us on your favorite social media and news groups. Tell your friends the the Big Daddy of Amateur Radio Podcast is returning to be with its people and its favorite fans (All its Fans)

Share and enjoy my kindred Hams and lets put this monster back on the map.



Richard KB5JBV

Host of Resonant Frequency: The Amateur radio Podcast

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1 comment

  1. William - Reply

    Great news. Looking forward to the new episode, really enjoy your point of view and the information provided. I have to admit this is one of the few Amateur radio podcasts that actually seems to be and stay on topic. Hope this will be the first of many future episodes. I will do my best to make a donation of some sort as soon as I free up some funds, it’s well worth it.

    Thanks again for taking the time to do this,

    William K5WCF

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