Jul 18 2014

Resonant Frequency Classic #052: Mobile Install Part 2

It is time again for a new episode. This time we dispense with feedback. We have so much we will need to do a separate episode. We do continue our mobile install series this time . we talk about running you power cable.

Music by the usual suspects and a cople from IODA promonet.
My TurnKirk Fletcher
“Ain’t No Way” (mp3)
from “My Turn”
(Eclecto Groove Records)

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Pearl RiverMike Zito
“Pearl River” (mp3)
from “Pearl River”
(Eclecto Groove Records)

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1 comment

  1. ki6bge

    You’ve inspired me. I have been on Short Term Disability since 4/3/2011 ( I have a temporary Palsy in my right eye which prevents me from driving until it clears up) and have been bored to death until I listened to RF Podcast # 52. My 2003 Silverado with a Utility Bed has been in need of some updating as far as the mobile Hamshack. Where I work we have a Building Security Division which uses very good battery backup. I was given 10 Non-Spill-able Sealed Lead Acid 55 AH batteries that are about 11 months old. The are replaced annually for liability reasons and normally are recycled. I gave 4 to a good friend who owns the local repeater that I use to replace the rather tired and undersized batteries that were being used at the repeater. I gave 2 to my Elmer for his radio backup at home and the last four I have installed in the right front compartment of the Utility Bed of my truck. I have a West Mountain PG-40 with a RIGRunner 4005 installed. The wiring is a generic version of 8 GA Monster Cable from both the Truck battery and the Back batteries and 10 GA Generic Monster Cable for interconnections between the PG-40 and the RIGRunner. I have cables from the Truck battery and the Backup batteries fused next to the batteries. I have the following radios installed in the Truck; # 1 Kenwood TS-B200 with the RC-2000 head and the ARCP-2000 software installed in the laptop that is permanently installed in the Truck also. # 2 Kenwood TK-780 Commercial 2 Meter radio. # 3 a Yaesu FT8900R with the Remote Head kit installed. # 4 an Icom IC-2200H with DStar. # 5 an Alinco DR-235 220 Mhz. The Truck has a full ladder rack which made installing Antennas easy.
    I already had previously installed a Stereo system with AM/FM/CD/TV/AUX with an Alpine 400 Watt 5 channel Amp with an 8″ Kicker Sub-Woofer and a 1000 Watt DC to AC Power Inverter.
    I am still in the middle of the project but it keeps my mind occupied as I try to make the “re-installation” look professional and reliable. I will send pictures soon as I progress.

    Tim ki6bge

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