A little over a week left


Tres Hombres

Well here we are a little over a week from release of episode 53 of the show. I am really excited to see what kind of reception it will receive. I am still in need of some help from my listeners to make things run more smoothly.

The new email address for the show is resonantfrequencypodcast@gmail.com any questions, comments, suggestions can be sent there.

I am still in need of somebody to do show notes for the future episodes. Like i have said before I am horrible with show notes and need somebody a little better organized to help. It’s pretty easy just write down what you hear. Bill has left us but you can take a look at the show notes from previous episodes to see kind of what we need. They don’t have to be super detailed.

I am also looking for some YL’s that would like to do a little bit of voice over for the show. Some of the segments will have an ID at the beginning and end of the segment. I just need you to grab something to record on like your phone or other device and say “This is Resonant Frequency the amateur radio podcast” four or five times in slightly different ways.it’s pretty easy. The best ones will make it on the show. Then you will be a part of the legend that is Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast until the end of time. you can send them to resonantfrequencypodcast@gmail.com

Lastly remember one of the biggest reasons we failed 2 years ago is because the show wasn’t paying its bills. So remember you can make a donation to Resonant Frequency at PayPal¬† or by purchasing items you would already buy at Amazon by using the links on our website at http://rfpodcast.info/Podcast

I am really getting excited about the relaunch and I can hardly wait to hear what you think


Richard KB5JBV


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