Richard’s Radio Adventures 006 Show Notes


  • In this episode, Richard, KB5JBV, describes his funny looking plant hanger. 🙂


  • Having moved to a different house in a neighborhood with antenna restrictions, Richard took on the challenge of creating a low profile ham presence. He already had 50 feet of coax, an Arrow dual-band J-pole antenna, and some military surplus fiberglass tent poles. There is a fence and retaining wall that totals about 7 feet in height. Using plumbing strap and screws, he attached a couple sections of the tent poles at the corner of the fence. He ran the coax a few feet to the fence and along the fence to the tent poles, anchoring the cable to the fence with inexpensive cable clips. After clamping the J-pole to the tent pole, he had an antenna for his Winlink gateway that was nearly invisible from the street. He may end up painting the antenna to blend in with the sky, and hanging a potted plant from it.

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