Richard’s Radio Adventures 005 Show Notes



  • Making yourself clear and understood on an emergency communications net.
  • Some tips:
    • Send your callsigns slowly and clearly.
    • Use the ITU phonetic alphabet.
    • Don’t yell or whisper into the microphone. Most local emergency communications use the FM mode, and too much or too little audio will cause distortion or no intelligible information.
    • Hold the microphone an inch or two away from your mouth, and a bit to one side. Again, “eating” the microphone will only cause distortion.
    • Keep Q-signals, codes and jargon to a minimum. Many of the served agencies do not use the same jargon as amateur radio operators. Q-signals are meant for CW (Morse code), not voice modes.
    • There are proper uses for “over”, “out” and “roger”. Learn the correct usages.
    • Monitor a traffic net to hear the proper techniques in use.

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