A one by two call sign doesn’t make you smart!

I spend a lot of time checking out equipment around the shack. I will be cleaning and find something I forgot I had and check it to see if it still works. This was the case the other day. I was checking out a Yaesu FT-5100 I had here and had it set to the closest repeater to my home. 145.310 Mhz repeater in Mesquite Texas.

While i was listening to that machine some operators were discussing some ducting that had been going on earlier in the day. I am not sure how it is in other parts of the country by here in Texas 145.310 is a fantastic frequency for ducting. There are five repeaters in the state on that frequency and they can all be worked from Dallas depending on the time of the year.

Now I felt compelled to chime in on this conversation. The 145.310 repeater in Moody Texas 97 miles away is the most common machine to come in when ducting is going on. It just so happened one of the folks on the frequency had a one by two call but he was more interested in the fact that my audio was a little lower than everybody else’s than the information I was giving him. I was taught not to scream at the microphone of an FM transmitter because overdriving the microphone may cause flat topping.

Not only did he have a problem with my  volume level but everybody that was on the machine that was not full quieting was picket fencing according to him.

For the love of god, a one by two call doesn’t make you smart. It doesn’t make you a better radio operator. It doesn’t make you make you a coded extra even some folks get a vanity cal to make other operator think they are.

This is the part of our program where I throw out some examples. I know an operator that had purchased his Technician licenses before I was licensed. In fact I used his Tech / General book to study for my technician license. He didn’t need it. Before he got licensed he used a bootleg call sign for several years. He continued to be  a Technician class operator from that time until they dropped the code requirement a few years ago. He now has a two by two call sign but he is still dumb as a rock and 150% pure CB’er. Sorry B. J. Another example is a Ham I new when I first got licensed that had jumped threw all the hoop it took to become an extra class operator including a 21 word a minute code test. He spent a lot of time telling everybody around him how much he knew about the hobby. One day my father introduced him to Amtor. For those not familiar Amtor was similar to Pactor but the transceiver keyed and unkeyed at a much faster rate. When this Ham started to transmit he thought that the radio was going to blow up and started to disconnect cables in a rapid fashion. There was nothing wrong. He just didn’t know as much as he thought. We do miss the weather man (SK).

So i say a one by two call doesn’t mean you are smart. Neither does a two by two, two by one, a one by three, or a two by three call make you smart. What makes you smart is learning about the hobby. Learning to use the terminology properly. Operating your radio in the proper and excepted way. Because I will tell you that those who want people to respect them because of there call are sadly mistaken in their way of thinking. All you have to do is listen to them talk to know that they are full of crap. ]:)

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