RFC Show Notes Episode 048

00:08 Opening Theme “Hand-Picked” by John Williams, from the album “Long Ride Home”
01:02 Introduction Back in the studio for an all-feedback episode.
01:50 Announcements GoDaddy has been added to the website as a sponsor. Check out the new Resonant Frequency website and click the GoDaddy link there for your web hosting needs.

Remember, too, the Amazon link on our website, which also helps out the podcast. The most direct way to help, of course, is to click the Donate link on the website. Thanks!

New on the website is a brief video introduction to Ubuntu Linux for amateur radio operators.

The new url for the website is http://rfpodcast.info/Podcast. The original domain, rfpodcast.info, will work, but takes a few seconds to redirect.

Keep your eye on the website as new content, and more episodes, will be added soon. Leave us some feedback, too!

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10:12 Song “Blues for Boo Boo” by Kirk Fletcher from the album “Shades of Blue”
13:40 Feedback An all feedback episode this time, so we’ll get caught up.
14:26 B.B., KC5PIY, is getting caught up on the podcasts and comments on the Armadillo Intertie and Intertie, Inc. He says anyone can use the system, but only members can be control operators of the repeaters. At least, that’s the way it works on Intertie, Inc.
16:50 Rich, KD0BJT, from the Low SWR podcast, says he’s had to rename a file to get gpodder to transfer episodes to his MP3 player. Thanks, Rich. The problem should be fixed and the feeds are working at the website, iTunes and Podcast Alley. Note that the FeedBurner feed will be going away soon, so please use one of the other feeds.
19:06 Don, N7IGK, says he only operates CW, and finds CW operators are nicer than many. He also wonders why the podcast disappeared from iTunes. Thanks, Don. The problem iTunes occurred when the website was changed to a different content management system (Drupal), but we’re now back to WordPress and the iTunes problem was fixed. If you’re still having problems with iTunes, unsubscribe from the old feed, and subscribe to the new one that lists all the episodes.
23:07 James, WL7FC/VE3ELI, made a donation to the podcast, as did Paul, KE5WMA. Thank you both!
24:33 Paul, KE5WMA, also left a comment on the website that he was listening to Episode 46 where Richard discusses the term “riffraff”. As a no-code Extra, he appreciated the comments, and now is interested in learning the code to operate QRP. Paul also thinks that dropping the code requirement makes the hobby more accessible to the hearing-impaired. Richard discusses.
30:11 Song “I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love” by Los Lonely Boys, from the album “Live At Blue Cat Blues – Dallas, Texas”
33:57 Donation from Woody, KF4TQJ, made a donation back in October, and also expressed his appreciation for the podcast. Thanks, Woody!
34:12 Don, WS4E, suggests a future episode of Resonant Frequency might discuss the value of a paper log book as opposed to a computer logging program. Good idea, Don! Many hams do both.
38:59 James, N2ENN, agrees that repeater activity seems to have declined over the years. James also expresses his dismay over the proprietary and closed nature of D-Star. Richard reminds us of the proprietary nature of the higher speed PACTOR protocols, PACTOR-II and PACTOR-III, produced by the German company, SCS. James says the audio quality of the mobile episodes is very good!
47:41 Ian, AK4IK, tells us of the North Fulton Amateur Radio League, named Club of the Year at Dayton Hamvention 2010. He just listened to Episode 44, and lists some of the things the club does to keep them successful: meetings are about the programs, rather than business. Business meetings are held separately. In addition to meetings, they have monthly club activities, regular youth nets, technical nets, a formal Elmering program, licensing exam preparation classes, quarterly VE test sessions, Field Day activities, an ARES group, and more. Very impressive, Ian!
1:01:48 Don, WS4E, says his local agency thought there were twice as many people available because they counted ARES and RACES members separately, when in fact, the majority of members were in both groups. If one group was activiated, there would be few to respond in the other.
1:04:14 Ray, KO4RB, is glad RF is back and looks forward to future episodes. Thanks, Ray.
1:05:13 Conclusion Email Richard at kb5jbv@gmail.com
Twitter: twitter.com/kb5jbv
Identica: http://identi.ca/kb5jbv
Friendfeed: http://friendfeed.com/kb5jbv
KB5JBV on D-Star via the NT5RN repeater.
Fan pages at Facebook for Resonant Frequency and Linux in the Ham Shack.
1:05:13 Song “We Got to Meet Death One Day” by Kelly Joe Phelps, from the album “Lead Me On (15 Year Anniversary Edition)”
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