RFC Show Notes Episode 047

00:08 Opening Theme “Hand-Picked” by John Williams, from the album “Long Ride Home”
01:01 Introduction We’re back! This is the first of several episodes recorded while mobile, though it’s the second attempt at recording this episode.
02:58 Announcements The iTunes feed for Resonant Frequency is back. Richard had to create it again, so you may see two entries at iTunes. The one with the purple logo has the episodes. Unfortunately, by re-creating the feed, we lost the ratings information, so please subscribe to the new feed and leave your review.
The podcast is also available at Podcast Alley, so if you prefer to get episodes that way, please leave your comments there, too.
The FeedBurner feed will be going away at some point, as it was a contributing factor to the problem at iTunes, so if you are using FeedBurner, please move to either iTunes or Podcast Alley.
The Resonant Frequency website has been changed back to WordPress, primarily due to ease of maintenance. The new address is http://rfpodcast.info/Podcast. And the girl in the banner photo is wearing a Heil headset!
Remember to use the Amazon link on the website for your purchases.
The best way to help the show is to make a donation via the Donate button on the website. Thank you.
Keep your eye on the website as new content, and more episodes, will be added soon.
14:55 Feedback Look for a feedback episode in the near future.
16:15 Conclusion Check out Linux in the Ham Shack and Black Sparrow Media.
Email Richard at kb5jbv@gmail.com
Twitter: twitter.com/kb5jbv
Identica: http://identi.ca/kb5jbv
Friendfeed: http://friendfeed.com/kb5jbv
KB5JBV on D-Star via the NT5RN repeater.
Fan pages at Facebook for Resonant Frequency and Linux in the Ham Shack.
18:53 Closing theme Closing theme music is “We Gotta Go” by David Henderson at Podsafe Audio.
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1 comment

  1. Ray - KO4RB - Reply

    Richard! Glad to see you back. Sorry to here you had a rough year. Seems like this was a tough one for a lot of folks. HAM radio seemed to be near the bottom of my list too. I did a lot with our club, but my solo radio work was almost nil.

    So, I’m looking forward to the coming year too. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the next few episodes.


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