RFC Show Notes Episode 045

00:00 Opening Theme “Hand-Picked” by John Williams, from the album “Long Ride Home”
01:01 Introduction An episode from the studio! Lots of feedback this episode.
02:02 Announcements Russ has restarted the Black Sparrow Media network. Visit blacksparrowmedia.net to find the latest news and shows.
03:18 Jerry Taylor has taken a break from his show The Practical Amateur Radio Podcast.  Send him an email and encourage him to continue.
Visit the Resonant Frequency website and click through the Amazon link or the Audible link for your purchases.
The best way to help the show is to make a donation via the Donate button on the website.  Thank you.
08:34 Feedback Ross, VK3UCR, enjoys the content and the music, and made a donation. Thanks, Ross.
Frasier writes that he’s preparing for his Canadian amateur license, and will be making a donation to both RF and Linux in the Ham Shack. Thanks, Frasier!
Frasier also writes that he’s interested in learning more about mobile HF rigs and stealth installations. He’d also like any advice about operating from an apartment. One possibility he’s considering is something from TransWorld Antennas. Richard discusses.
Richard is partial to Kenwood products, but has a Yaesu FT-897D and likes it fine. Ask some of the guys at your local radio club for their opinions, and visit a Field Day operation to see some of the equipment in action. Richard also suggests running dipoles inside the apartment. Let us know how you get on.
20:50 Donations Frasier did send a donation. Thank you! Ray, KO4RB, sent another donation. Thanks, Ray! Ray also writes that he enjoys both shows and donated $2 per episode since the last time.
Craig, KB3SBI, asks when will the iTunes feed will be fixed. Richard suggests trying Podcast Alley. iTunes will allow you to specify another feed. You can also download the episodes from the website.
24:55 Song “Do You Mean It” by Magic Slim and the Teardrops from the album “Raising The Bar”.
28:49 Feedback BB, KC5PIY, writes about Intertie Inc., Armadillo Intertie, and Cactus Intertie, a repeater network that covers a large part of Texas. BB asks about a good tutorial for a new D-Star user. Richard recommends listening to the ICQ Podcast episodes: Series 2, Episode 16, Introduction to D-Star, and Series 3, Episode 13, Practical D-Star.
www.dstarusers.org has maps and a repeater directory. (D-Star on the iPhone?)
41:08 BB also asks about Richard’s antenna system and describes his own. He’d like recommendations for HF antennas. Richard discusses.
Most of BB’s current radio activity occurs from his truck.
45:55 Richard, KJ5VGV, writes that he’s a newly licensed amateur, but does not yet have a radio. He’s disappointed with current D-Star activity. He is also interested in stealth antennas.
54:20 Song “Mean and Evil Woman” by Papa Don McMinn, from the album “Blues Man’s Ball Vol. III”
58:31 Feedback Don, WS4E, writes that he’s glad RF is back. He’d suggests a future show that discusses ideas for radio club program topics that will keep club members interested in attending meetings.  Don also asks where the archive of past episodes is located. The archived episodes are available at the RF website, under the Podcast Archive menu.
1:05:56 Bruce, VE2GZI, writes to express his appreciation for the show. Thanks, Bruce.
Don, WS4E, also writes to say that the feed is still not working in iTunes. Richard thinks it is a problem with some of the code in the RSS feed. If anyone has experience with XML and RSS feeds, please contact Richard.
1:08:00 Steve, KJ6N, tells us that he just recently discovered the podcast. In his vehicle, he has an HR2510 for 10m and an Icom IC-91AD D-Star radio. He also has an EchoLink node on 223.7 MHz, node #8340.
1:11:40 Randee, KD7WTE, writes to ask that his password be reset. He’s also been having trouble with downloading some of the older episodes. This should be corrected now, but if you have any problems with the website or episodes of the podcast, let Richard know.
1:14:50 Another one from BB, KC5PIY, who has been catching up on older episodes.
1:17:22 Gunner writes that he is also having trouble with the podcast feed. Please let us know if you’re still having problems.
1:18:03 Stan, KF6LAU, is interested in getting the earlier episodes of the podcast.  The older episodes may not be available in iTunes, but they are all on the website.
1:19:10 Randee, KD7WTE, sent another donation. Thanks, Randee!
1:21:13 Don, WS4E, supplied a Field Day story: the National Square Dance Convention often falls on Field Day weekend and was held in his town this year. Several of the attendees are hams and attended his club’s Field Day activities.
1:25:51 Tim, KI6BGE, writes to say that the NE5R D-Star repeater no longer appears on any of the repeater directories. This repeater has a new callsign, NT5RN. It has a VHF and UHF port. Richard occasionally listens to it. Tim also offers to contribute content. All content is gratefully received!
1:29:40 Finally, Richard discusses an email he received from Tom, the president of the Dallas Amateur Radio Club, in response to some of his comments about the club in a previous episode.
1:34:00 Conclusion Check out Linux in the Ham Shack and Black Sparrow Media.
Look for the Route 66 On the Air special event on September 11-19, 2010, hosted by the Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club.
1:36:09 Song <"Things Are Changing" by Papa Don McMinn from the album “Blues Ain’t a Color”.
Contact info Send feedback about the show, the web site, or anything else.
Email Richard at kb5jbv@gmail.com
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KB5JBV on D-Star via the NT5RN repeater.
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