RFC Show Notes Episode 037

00:00 Opening Song “Making Me Nervous” by Brad Sucks from the album “I Don't Know What I'm Doing”. All of the songs in this episode are from this album.
01:20 Introduction Warning: Songs may contain offensive or explicit language. Richard has screened the songs for the show, but use discretion when playing the album among more sensitive listeners.
03:13 Feedback Noel, WB0VGI, offers to discuss space weather. He operates the site http://space.augsburg.edu/

John, KD0FLF, enjoys the show, operates aeronautical mobile, and is happy with his FT-857 and Pac-12 portable antenna.

Lance, K7LDS, says his club has encouraged him to return to ham radio and upgrade his license. He enjoys the show and appreciates the reinforcement of basic information. Lance also successfully completed his mobile HF radio installation.

Derrick also appreciates the show and the variety of topics.

Lance, K7LDS, suggests that mobile installation techniques might be a good topic for a future show. He'd also like more complete show notes.

17:37 Donations Mike of Syracuse, UT and Kirk of San Gabriel, CA made donations before the last episode. Thanks to Mike and Kirk and apologies for the late mentions.
22:11 Live show Richard asks for feedback about what sort of live show participation listeners would prefer. One option is talkshoe, but he would like to know what you would like to use.
24:26 Song “Time To Take Out The Trash” by Brad Sucks.
27:12 Rant Rude hams. Are we living in the age of the rude amateur radio operator?
42:11 Song “Bad Attraction” by Brad Sucks.
45:20 Topic Rapid chargers and wall warts.

Rapid chargers are convenient, but may reduce longevity of the battery. Wall warts are slower, but, in theory, should allow for longer battery life.

1:02:00 Song “Overreacting” by Brad Sucks.
1:05:30 Conclusion Visit Magnatune for more great music.

Email Richard at kb5jbv@gmail.com

Twitter: twitter.com/kb5jbv

Identi.ca: identi.ca/kb5jbv

KB5JBV on D-Star via port C on the NE5R repeater.

Closing song is “Work Out Fine” by Brad Sucks.

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