RFC Show Notes Episode 035

00:00 Promo Ohio Linuxfest
00:25 Opening Theme “Give It All Away”, by midliFeCrisis, from the album “Live from the Loft”
01:20 Introduction This is the unedited audio version of the first live video show.
03:15 Live show This is our first live show and it's a little rough, primarily an equipment test.
05:25 Feedback George, N0JRJ, likes the podcast and the idea of the live show. He listens while commuting and talks about his frustrations with the attitudes of “old timers” toward new hams.

Barry, K4RUE, a recently licensed ham, enjoys the show and the music.

Mike, KF7AME, just found the podcast and is listening to the old episodes. He appreciates comments on previous shows about how difficult it may be for new hams to afford new equipment.

Bob, K4BB, just discovered the podcasts and music, and enjoys them, though he's not too sure about all of the music.

Google alert: Russ Wenner of The Techie Geek podcast mentions us in episode 40.

Twitter: Robert, WA4HRK, sends thanks for a recent episode.

Thank you everyone for the feedback.

Find us at: http://rfpodcast.info

19:20 Topic Everyone assumes everyone else has the same equipment or can afford such equipment. There are lots of ways to get equipment, and it takes time to accumulate a station. Building wire antennas is a great way to learn and is inexpensive.
22:42 Amazon Please make your Amazon purchases through the Amazon link on the web site as we get a small portion of that transaction. It doesn't cost you anything extra and is another way to support the podcasts. Thanks.
24:56 Station ID This is KB5JBV…
25:30 Topic Elmering… but Richard seems to have lost his train of thought.
26:50 Topic Twitter and other social networks.
28:00 Topic Bill, KA9WKA, distracts Richard with comments in the chat room. (Sorry – Ed.)
30:20 Topic The rude amateur radio operator. Is Elmering a lost art? Anyone else see this sort of thing?
33:15 Topic Field Day.
36:00 Topic Richard is intending to attend more hamfests in the east Texas, south Oklahoma, west Louisiana area and looks forward to talking with the podcast listeners and maybe recording a few of those conversations for the podcasts.
38:30 Topic Hurricane season.
42:20   Other folks joining in the chat room. Check out Chris' (N7ICE) websites: http://73s.org, http://hamfeed.com, and http://hambrief.tv
44:30   Keyboard balls. 🙂
45:04   A tour of Richard's studio. Hope you're not prone to motion sickness.
50:45   Check out Hacker Public Radio
53:20   Rambling a bit.
55:30   Star Trek memorabilia.
59:20   Back to hamfests. Richard has yet to attend Dayton. But there is HamCom every year.
1:01:30   W1AW bulletins: AMTOR and ASCII to be replaced by PSK31 and MFSK16. RTTY to remain. fldigi is a great program for digital modes. It's available for Linux AND Windows.
1:04:40   Also check out the NUE-PSK standalone PSK modem. Thanks, Craig, KB3SBI.
1:05:25   Richard reminisces about the Tandy 102 computer that he used as a portable packet terminal.
1:08:20   Wrap up. Thanks to KA9WKA, N7ICE, KB3SBI, and all the anonymous ustreamers for showing up in the chat room.
1:10:35 Conclusion Email Richard at kb5jbv@gmail.com

Twitter: twitter.com/kb5jbv

Identi.ca: identi.ca/kb5jbv

Take a look at Linux in the Ham Shack

KB5JBV on D-Star via port C on the NE5R repeater.

Closing theme music is “We Gotta Go” by David Henderson at Podsafe Audio.

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