RFC Show Notes Episode 033

00:00 Opening Theme “Give It All Away”, by midliFeCrisis, from the album “Live from the Loft”
00:55 Introduction  
01:20 Feedback Dave, W6DTW, added a link on his web page and made a donation. Thanks! Check his web page at http://sparqi.blogspot.com.

Neil, NG5NG, likes CW and digital mode, and also made a donation. Thanks, Neil!

Stan, N7ZQT, recently found the program. He runs a simplex echo station node 146.535 in Tuscon, AZ, and would like to broadcast the Resonant Frequency program.

W5RAW, had some trouble downloading the Episode 32. There have been some changes to the web site, and we added an OGG feed, so that should be straightened out. Check out the new Resonant Frequency web site at http://rfpodcast.info

09:00 Donations All donations are welcome, at any amount. All proceeds go directly into better equipment for the podcast. We have a new mixer and microphone, so you should hear the difference here, and at Linux in the Ham Shack.
10:54 Live show? Richard is considering a live version of Resonant Frequency which would be a round-table discussion of amateur radio topics. If you have a microphone, perhaps with a web camera, and would like to participate, contact Richard.
12:35 Chat room Check out the Resonant Frequency chat room on FreeNode.net, #resonantfrequency. There's also a link at rfpodcast.info.
14:18 Song “Voodoo Chile” by Jean Paul Rena and Terrawheel, from the album “Can't Be Satisfied”.
18:26 Topic Who's Repeater Is It Anyway?, Part II. Richard continues his discussion of what can and can't be said on a repeater, and a warning notice issued by the FCC to an amateur that ignored the wishes of a repeater control operator. A copy of the letter can be found here: http://www.fcc.gov/eb/AmateurActions/files/Coyle09_05_07_5106.html.
26:35 Rant Richard talks about the use of APRS in public service events, and how that presumes that everyone has such capability. This often excludes the newer hams that may not have all the equipment or the resources to acquire the equipment.
36:00 Song “The Boogie Man” by Papa Don McMinn, from the album “Boogie Man”
39:03 Conclusion Email Richard at kb5jbv@gmail.com

Twitter: twitter.com/kb5jbv

KB5JBV on D-Star via port C on the NE5R repeater.

Closing theme music is “We Gotta Go” by David Henderson at Podsafe Audio.

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