RFC Show Notes Episode 031

00:00 Opening Theme “Give It All Away”, by midliFeCrisis, from the album “Live from the Loft”
00:54 Introduction  
01:29 Feedback Bob, KJ4DZT, sends a Twitter that his wife got her license thanks to our show.

Contact Richard via email kb5jbv@gmail.com, or at the forums on the web site, or on Twitter at twitter.com/kb5jbv. Send your show suggestions or questions, too.

04:52 Donations None received since October. Thanks to everyone who has donated. Please keep them coming, so we can continue the shows. If one episode has helped, it should be worth at least a dollar. Visit the Resonant Frequency blog page and click the Help Support link to PayPal and make a donation. Or, click on the Amazon link to make your purchases, and we'll get a little bit of the transaction. Visit the web site and click the Donate link. Finally, visit the Cafe Press store for your Resonant Frequency merchandise.
09:51   New section manager here, locally. We'll see how that works out.

We're looking at possibly doing some video, and perhaps a live show at ustream.tv.

11:18 Song “If Love Can't Find A Way”, by Eric Lindell, from the album “Gulf Coast Highway”
13:08 Topic Useful websites:

  • Pretty Good Projects, which is an entry point for the next four sites on this list, and more.
  • www.dxanywhere.com – DX alerts service.
  • www.hamradioforum.net – Lots of interesting forums of ham radio topics.
  • www.hamtests.co.uk – Practice tests and other info for your license exams, UK or US.
  • hamfeed.com – A ham repeater for Twitter and 73s.org.
  • hamtwits.com – A sort of Twitter directory of hams.
  • 73s.org – A collection of blog posts, photos, news, DX spots, etc., of interest to hams.
  • www.hamradioclass.org – home of the Ham Radio Podclass, which will help you prepare for your Technician, General or Extra class amateur radio license exam.
  • twitter.com – A microblogging service, with lots of amateur radio traffic available.
39:55 Song “Welfare Blues” by Kirk Fletcher, from the album “Shades of Blue”
41:40 Conclusion Email Richard at kb5jbv@gmail.com

Twitter: twitter.com/kb5jbv

KB5JBV on D-Star via port C on the NE5R repeater.

Closing theme music is “We Gotta Go” by David Henderson at Podsafe Audio.

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